Taekwondo mats

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Taekwondo Mats

Product: Interlocking Karate Mat

Material: EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Colors Available: Red / Blue

 Manufacturer of Rubber and Eva interlocking mats, not machines( Anti Skid ). Mats are made from Virgin rubber and are used in kabaddi tournaments, matches, and practice.

The size of the mat is 1 mt by 1mt. The color available in Red and blue ( ready Stock ) also all color variations can be made. These are reverse-able mats with an average life of 10-15 years. eco-friendly mats because it’s 100% recyclable. Visions play are manufacturers of taekwondo mats

Manual to use and wash Easy to Install as the mats are interlocking also washing can be done easily with a wet cloth.  


Thickness available

    • 20 mm mats
    • 25 mm mats
    • 30 mm mats
    • 35 mm mats
    • 45 mm mats
    • 50 mm mats
    • 55 mm mats
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