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MMA Mats Manufacturers in Delhi

Interlocking mats

MMA Mats Manufacturers in Delhi of Rubber and Eva interlocking mats, not machines( Anti Skid ). Mats are made from Virgin rubber and are used in kabaddi tournaments, matches, and practice

The size of the mat is 1 mt by 1mt. The color available in Red and blue ( ready Stock ) also all color variations can be made. These are reverse-able mats with an average life of 10-15 years. eco-friendly mats

because it’s 100% recyclable.


Product: Interlocking Karate Mat

Material: EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Colors Available: Red / Blue


Manual to use and wash Easy to Install as the mats are interlocking also washing can be done easily with a wet cloth.

Thickness available
  • 20 mm mats
  • 25 mm mats
  • 30 mm mats
  • 35 mm mats
  • 45 mm mats
  • 50 mm mats
  • 55 mm mats

MMA mats, also known as Mixed Martial Arts mats, are specialized mats designed for training and competing in mixed martial arts (MMA). These mats are essential for ensuring safety during training and competitions, as they provide a soft and impact-absorbing surface, reducing the risk of injuries.

Key features of MMA mats include:

  1. Material: MMA mats are typically made of high-density foam, providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning. The foam is covered with a durable vinyl or PVC material, which is easy to clean and maintain.

  2. Thickness: The thickness of MMA mats can vary, but they are generally around 1 to 2 inches thick. Thicker mats offer better impact protection, especially for grappling and takedowns.

  3. Interlocking design: Many MMA mats come with a puzzle-like interlocking design, allowing you to connect multiple mats together to create a larger training area. This feature is convenient for customizing the size of the training space.

  4. Non-slip surface: The vinyl or PVC surface of the mats is often designed to be non-slip, ensuring that fighters can move freely without the risk of slipping.

  5. Size: MMA mats typically come in standard sizes, such as 2’x2′ or 4’x4′, and can be easily combined to create larger training areas.

  6. Portable: MMA mats are usually lightweight and easy to transport, making them suitable for gyms, dojos, and even home training spaces.

When purchasing MMA mats, it’s essential to ensure they meet safety standards and are suitable for the intensity and type of training or competition they will be used for. It’s also important to maintain and clean the mats regularly to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and sweat.

Whether you are a professional mixed martial artist or simply training for fitness and self-defense, investing in high-quality MMA mats is crucial for a safe and enjoyable training experience.

Interlocking mats
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